3 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Should Only Focus On Building A List

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Let's be real here.
Newbie Internet marketers have it rough.
They come into an industry that is glamorous for promising riches in 30 days or less and they are told they can push a button and let the system do all the work for them.
They are promised lifestyles of sitting on a beach with their laptop running their multi-million dollar empire with nothing but an Internet connection and maybe a phone.
Plus, there's also a lot of bad information out there telling Internet marketers they need to be doing this strategy or that strategy...
and ultimately none of them work.
The real problem is newbie Internet marketers don't get told the truth and they don't get a full understanding of how the 'big picture' of Internet marketing really works.
Here's the reality.
Succeeding in Internet marketing comes down to 2 basic things...
building a list and selling products or services to that list.
So what happens after a newbie realizes this is they spend all their time doing one or the other instead of doing both.
But here's the good news.
When you're just starting out, you should only focus on building a list, and that's it.
Here's why...
You don't need to focus on creating products in the beginning - Until you understand how to create a product, just use ones that are already created.
Yes, I'm talking about affiliate products.
Pick 3-5 affiliate products that are related to your niche and use those in your emails that you send out to your list.
One of the things newbie Internet marketers do is they spend time creating a product, but once it's done, they don't have anyone to sell it to.
That's not what you want to do.
You always want to have an audience to sell to, thus you should always start with building a list.
Relationship marketing always pays more in the long run - As you build your list and you send out emails, make sure the emails are filled with content that provide true value and true insight.
Why? Because when you give people good stuff, they will like and trust you.
When this happens, they will buy from you time and time again.
Think about it.
How many products have you bought from people you didn't know versus people you've followed and who you trust? I bet I already know what the answer is.
Ask people what they want, and give it to them - Once you've built a relationship with your list, ask them what they want to learn about.
When they like you and trust you, they'll tell you what they want to learn.
When you find that out, create a product based on what they want to know.
Here's an example.
After you ask your list what they want to learn, take every response and organize the questions into a logical order.
Use the questions as an outline to your product.
Make the product about answering their questions and you'll give them exactly what they want.
As you can see, it's far more important to build your list first before you create a product so you know exactly what they want to learn.
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