Buying a Swiss Exercise Ball - What to Look For When Buying a Stability Ball

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The Swiss exercise ball is also known as an exercise ball or stability ball.
It is a large (45-75cm diameter) ball made of heavy-duty rubber, and is sturdy enough to support a person's weight.
The surface can be smooth or textured for grip, and they can come in many colors.
These stability balls are becoming more popular because of the benefits they bring to an exercise routine.
Any exercise performed using the ball, additional muscles are brought into use to help you keep your balance.
This strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen.
They have even been used in rehabilitation programs to help sufferers of back pain.
When using the ball instead of sitting or lying on the floor, this firm but yielding equipment prevents injury from hard floors and pressure being placed on joints and the spine.
The resistance will add bounce to the exercise, adding some fun to your workout as well.
Before buying your ball, know what to look for.
For the size, sit on the ball and choose one that allows your knees to be level with or slightly below your hips.
For the durability, invest in the heavier ball, not a cheaper, lighter model.
If you will use the ball for moderate exercise, select one that will support three times your body weight.
Most balls come in kits that include an inflation device, and instructions for proper inflation.
A Swiss exercise ball is a good investment for anyone who wants to improve their fitness in a fun way, and gain the benefit of a strong core and good balance.
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