Learn How to Box with 3 Beginner Boxing Tips

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If you're trying to learn how to box, then you've found out for yourself that there aren't too many people just handing out beginner boxing tips. Additionally, when you're boxing training at home, you can't learn from someone else's example and you certainly don't have any coaches around. Before you get too frustrated – or worse, too sloppy with your form – learn from these three beginner boxing tips.

1. It all starts in the mirror: Shadow boxing is an integral part of a boxing training workout. Don't start on the heavy bag until you're confident that you have down some basic techniques in the mirror. Watching yourself throw punches in the mirror will help you learn the proper form for your feet, legs, arms and body and you'll be able to instantly spot weaknesses or flaws. Start every one of your boxing training at home sessions with a round or two of shadow boxing.

2. Master the jab: A classic boxing saying is that if you want to be a good fighter, don't bother with learning how to jab, but if you want to be a great fighter, that's where you need to begin. The jab is what brings everything together and sets up your other punches. When used correctly it's both an offensive and defensive weapon. It can be used merely as a distraction or as an impactful weapon all on its own.

To learn the jab, stand in front of a full length mirror in a guarded, ready boxing position. Step forward with your lead foot and at the same time flick your lead arm straight arm. The key to getting the jab done is the succinct nature of the step and the arm movement. As you become comfortable with that, begin stepping quicker and throwing the punch harder.

3. Improve your conditioning: One of the most overlooked beginner boxing tips is that you need to get your conditioning at a higher level. It's not the most glamorous side of boxing training at home, but it's absolutely necessary. You can't learn how to box if you're too tired to throw a punch or use proper form!

To help improve your conditioning right from the beginning, spend two or three rounds jumping rope at the start and end of every workout. If you don't have a jump rope, spend the time doing jumping jacks. Additionally, when you're using the heavy bag keep pushing yourself with a goal for each and every round.

For example, a goal for one round can be to throw nothing less than four punch combinations. A goal for another round can be to throw no less than 200 punches. You'll keep your body guessing and your conditioning will begin to take off.

When you're ready to learn how to box, these three beginner boxing tips should be immensely helpful for you and your efforts.
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