What Men Find Irresistible in Women - How to Attract a Man With Your Looks

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Your look: It must look natural, fresh, healthy and 'soft'.
Men are visual but you will be surprised at the different visual clues that turns men on! Generally speaking, however, if you look fresh, clean, natural and 'soft', you are onto a winner already.
Your hair does not have to be long (contrary to popular belief) but it needs to look soft.
Men are visual creatures but they are also tactile creatures, so he'll love to fantasize how he's running his fingers through your hair.
As long as it's at least 2 inches long and fingers can run through it, you will be fine (remember to make it look soft).
So, get rid of hair extensions or hair pieces that make your hair look matted or 'stiff'.
This is the same for every aspect of your look including your clothes.
You can have a tan or you can be pale, you can wear short skirts or weak jeans and a simple clean T-shirt, but you need to look fresh, clean and soft.
Excessive make up is to be avoided at all costs for this very reason, and so is strong perfume or hair spray! Men do not like that stuff, they only endure it! The fresh, natural, healthy and soft rule applies to every aspect of your look.
Simplicity is key when you are in doubt.
I have heard many men say how turned on they were by women who were working out, with their simple gym clothes, no make up etc; but all those women were looking healthy and natural, especially after a work-out (your skin and eyes look radiant after each workout, remember that!).
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