Ice Cream Flavor Ideas

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    Classic Desserts

    • When trying to dream up a new ice cream flavor, you may want to draw inspiration from your favorite dessert. Begin by placing a few scoops of ice cream in a large bowl. Add pieces of whatever you fancy and mix it in. Use the back of the spoon to mash the ice cream against the side of the bowl, stirring until all the additions are well incorporated. For example, you could add pieces of frosted spice cake and a handful of praline pecans to vanilla ice cream, creating your own version of Spice Cake. Or you could combine chocolate-covered graham crackers and miniature peanut butter cups in either chocolate or vanilla ice cream to create Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. For a more traditional take on things, try mixing shortbread cookies and a spoonful of apple pie filling into vanilla ice cream to make Apple Pie à la Mode.

    International Flavors

    • Once you've mastered the art of ice cream mix-ins, go global. If you think frozen confections based on local desserts are nice, wait until you try a bowl of German Black Forest: a mixture of fudge brownies, chocolate flakes and cherry pie filling all wrapped up in chocolate ice cream. If you prefer something British, make an ice cream-based dessert that combines caramel ice cream topping and pieces of bread pudding with rum raisin ice cream. For a French twist, combine pieces of baked pie pastry with bits of custard, caramel ice cream topping and apple pie filling in vanilla ice cream, creating your own version of Tarte Tatin.

    Chocolate Combinations

    • If you're a chocolate lover, than a scoop of chocolate ice cream is a bound to be close to the top of your "Things I Can't Live Without" list. To make chocolate ice cream even more decadent, try mixing in pieces of chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting or crush a handful of chocolate-covered mint cookies and stir them in with a few after-dinner mints. The day after Valentine's Day, grab a box of half-price chocolate truffles, cut the candies in half and blend them into a few scoops of milk chocolate ice cream.

    Children's Treats

    • If your goal is to create a sweet that will have every kid in the neighborhood begging for more, look no further than kids' favorite snacks for inspiration. For example, you could combine marshmallow cream and chunks of Rice Krispies Treats in vanilla ice cream for your own frozen version of the popular lunchbox snack. Or make your own mud pie by mixing crushed chocolate-filled sandwich cookies and fudge sauce in chocolate ice cream. Alternatively, you could mash the birthday cake right into the ice cream, icing roses and all, or make a one-dish banana split by mixing bananas, pineapple, strawberries and chocolate chips into a big bowl of vanilla ice cream.

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