Article Writing Tips - How to Decide the First Topic to Write About

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So, you got your niche.
You want to demonstrate your expertise by writing articles.
You want to show to the world that you know what you're talking about, and get traffic from it.
Congratulations, article marketing is one of the ways to do it online.
The thing is where should you start? The easiest way is to start at the beginning.
Cover the basic first and in no time you will find yourself get up to speed to more advanced topics.
Spare some time, perhaps one or two hours to brainstorm about sub-topics for your niche.
You can use your web site content structure as a starting point for sub-topics.
For instance, if your niche is rose gardening, the sub-topics may be the basics, the seeds, the growing phase, the maintenance phase, etc.
Note that I'm just making things up on the go as I have experience at all in growing a rose.
Once you have a few sub-topics, now you write down some ideas for the basic information on rose growing.
A brief introduction and story about the history of rose, different types of roses, which roses are suitable for your garden, etc.
, can be perfect ideas for articles.
One idea can lead to different ones.
In a few minutes, you can come up with at least 20-30 ideas.
Now each of this idea may have other ideas as well.
You may want to keep writing to the point of exhaustion or you can do that later.
The point is, you now have some ideas to get you going.
Start at the beginning.
If you make article marketing as part of your marketing activities you will write often enough to cover other topics as well.
Let them wait for their turn while you do your best to write what you know about.
Rinse and repeat for the next sub-topic.
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