Drills to Decrease Your 40 Time

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    Strength Training

    • Maximum speed and maximum power production go together. Strength training will improve your maximum sprinting speed. Strength training will build the muscles of your legs, allowing you to generate more power, which leads to a faster 40-yard dash. You should implement strength and explosive weight training to decrease your acceleration and speed. Squats, lunges, power cleans and other explosive movements will help you run faster.

    Stairs or Hill Running

    • You can increase your running speed, power and stride length for your 40-yard dash through stair or hill running. The idea is to perform stairs or hills as a speed exercise and not as a cardiovascular routine. Therefore, you should take your time and rest in between sets while performing these exercises. You should find stairs or hills that are at a 20- to 35-degree incline. Begin at the bottom and push off the balls of your feet as you quickly burst up the stairs or hill as fast as you can for no more than eight seconds before resting. Perform these runs for six to 10 sets with a 60-second break between each set.


    • Plyometric drills such as bounding can increase your overall leg power and enhance your stride lengths. Go to a track and begin to run at a moderate pace. You need to drive your front knee upward, allowing your thigh to become parallel with the ground. You should concentrate on exploding or jumping off each foot that is placed on the ground so that your run looks bouncy compared to a regular stride.

    Cone Drills

    • One of the most basic ways to decrease your 40-yard dash time is by practicing the dash. Set up the practice dash by placing two cones as marks for your 40 yards. Start at the first cone and quickly sprint to the other as fast as you can. Stop and touch the cone before you turn around and run back to the original. Perform five to 10 40-yard sprints. Use a friend or a coach to record your times, and attempt to beat your previous times the next training session.

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