An Exercise in Passion - Oh, That"s Why the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

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For many people, the exercise of attempting to discover what they are passionate about can be very frustrating.
Although, it may sound like a simple task, it requires some serious inner reflection.
There are a lot of resources on this topic that recommend writing down a list of your interests.
Often times whenever I've read these resources, the suggestion to make a list of my interests seemed time consuming and somewhat annoying.
Why couldn't I just think about it in my head? The problem is that we keep pumping out hundreds of new thoughts constantly throughout the day.
This means that we often forget an idea that may have been a good one and then end up regretting it later.
"If only I could remember that idea," we often think, but by then the it is gone.
You may be familiar with the 80/20 rule which says that 80% of people don't write down their goals and therefore, fail to meet them.
What's interesting is that the 20% of people who do write their goals down improve their chance of success by 80%.
Think about that for a moment.
Writing down what you want, significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals because putting your ideas and thoughts on paper makes them visible and real.
Once they are in front of you, there is no more forgetting.
It is real, concrete and modifiable.
Remarkable isn't it? But what if you don't have an idea of what your passion is? This was the case for me until I was 32 years old.
I often wondered, how it was possible that I had no idea what I would love to do for a living? If I couldn't figure it out, who would? That's when I discovered a site that had a great suggestion on how to find your passion.
You guessed it, writing it down by answering the following 4 key questions: 1) What do I like about my current job? * Write down at least 5 things even if it is just some of the people you work with or the beautiful scenery you pass by everyday traveling to work.
2) What about your current job do you not like that makes you unhappy at work? * Most people find this step quite easy 3) What do you like about your life outside of work? * This may include family, friends, school, sports, personality, opportunities etc.
4) What do you not like about your life outside of work? It's possible that when you look at this list you first feel that it is a lot to write down.
That's fine.
This is not a race and you can pace yourself at a rate you feel comfortable with.
The key is to take action.
You can think you need to buy food, but until you actually make the effort to go out and get what you need, nothing will ever happen.
The same applies to answering these questions and finding your passion.
Even if you do this activity over several days, that's excellent.
The point is that you are taking those first key steps towards effecting positive change in your life.
And that's what you want, right? Doing this exercise is empowering as it forces you to capture your life on paper.
For me, once I started answering these questions, I could not stop writing! I ended up with 8 pages with no double spacing! The exercise was liberating, fun and it showed me exactly what I was happy about in life, and what I wanted to change.
With this one simple step, you can arm yourself with the knowledge of what you like and dislike, allowing you to focus on going after things that interest you, while empowering you to make real positive career changes! So I challenge you to answer the four questions discussed above over the next several days.
Think about it.
The sooner you finish this exercise, the closer you will be to finding your passion and fulfilling a destiny that makes you feel happy.
Now that makes it worth it, does it not?
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