Dating Tips For Men - How to Leave a Woman Enamored With You

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You will know when you have made quite the impression on a woman. Not only will she probably be smiling from ear to ear, but you will be able to feel a buzz of energy between you and her. Well, the question then becomes, what are you going to do to make a woman feel enamored with you?

Most dating tips for men will gloss over ideas about how to buy her gifts or doing those romantic things that you see in movies. Those are all fine and good to do when you have already gotten into a real relationship with her, but what you REALLY need to know is how to get her feel so enamored with you that she WANTS to be your girlfriend.

Here are some dating tips for men that will leave her feeling nothing but attraction for you:

1. To get a woman hooked on you, you need to go above and beyond the normal things that guys do.

But don't get me wrong on this one, you don't want to buy her lots of really expensive things to try and go above and beyond. You have to outdo the other guys by being LESS of a desperate guy that is seeking out her approval. When you have seen as many guys as I have try to kick game by really trying to win a woman's approval, you will know that just making the shift to where you no longer try to do that, you can make a much better connection with her.

2. If you want to make her fall in love with you, then you NEED to create some distance.

Generally speaking, this will only apply until after you have already started some kind of thing with a woman. Once you do, you need to create some distance between you and her, so that she is kind of reaching out for YOUR attention. If you leave it so it is the OTHER way around, then you are just going to end up like most guys do, and you will be trying way too hard to make her fall in love.

3. To attract a woman, she needs to see that YOU are the dominant alpha male in the room.

So, how do you do this if you are not some big built tough guy? Simply by being more calm and relaxed than the other guys are. Don't sweat it when she tries to test you by casually flirting with another guy for a moment or two. Don't act like you are attached to her or that you desperately have to have her attention on you at all times.

Want to get more advanced dating tips for men that will make you become the kind of man that women want?

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