3 Tips to Delay Ejaculation and Be in Control of When You Ejaculate

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Some "experts" describe early ejaculation as the man climaxing before the woman, I say it is a man who has no control over ejaculation.
A man who has the latter can ejaculate at will, he can have a quickie or he can go for hours giving his woman multiple orgasms.
So if you want to learn to delay ejaculation then why not learn to have total control as well.
There are many methods to delay ejaculation here are just 3.
Kegel Exercises.
These are more common among women for tightening their vagina, but recently have been used by many men to avoid early ejaculation.
Kegels are a simple exercise that strengthen the PC muscle, the one that controls the flow of urine.
It is said that a man who does these exercises and has a strong PC muscle can also delay his ejaculation for long periods of time.
Push The Button.
There is an area between the anus and the testicles that has a small lump (button) under the skin.
So when you are ready to climax press this quite firmly until the urge passes, then carry on and keep pushing the button until you are ready to ejaculate.
Pinch The Penis.
This is a favourite of many men, simply withdraw before you orgasm and pinch the tip of the penis for 20 seconds or until you feel ready to carry on making love.
As above keep withdrawing and doing this until you want to come.
There are hundreds more tips to delay ejaculation, but for me the very best is a natural mind and body training course that puts YOU in charge of your penis and let's YOU decide if and when you ejaculate.
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