Advertising Your Virtual Assistant Business on CraigsList

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A virtual assistant can easily make use of the free advertising services CraigsList (CraigsList.
org) offers.
Many Virtual Assistants forget to turn to CraigsList because they don't realize that it's free to advertise their business, and they don't realize that they can reach a very wide audience (i.
, they can focus on one city or more a day if they change up the wording of the ad each day.
) In fact, the only charges that CraigsList makes when it comes to advertising is for job posts in certain market areas.
Advertising your virtual assistant services on this site is free.
CraigsList as an advertising resource is essential for a solo professional such as a virtual assistant.
As a website that easily garners about 10 million visitors each month, VAs everywhere can reach a large target audience for their marketable skills at a very affordable (free!) price.
How can you make your ad stand out? CraigsList supports HTML, so why not spice up your ads with some bullet points, bolding, and a detailed description of what your specific services you provide? How about offering a 10% off coupon for those who mention the CraigsList ad? Use CraigsList as a practical marketing tool where you reach new customers and introduce them to your services in a professional manner, not in a quick, unprofessional way.
Check out how other people are advertising and vow that you'll take a more professional, creative route to achieve the results you want.
And please, make sure that you don't spam.
If you're unsure how to market your Virtual Assistant services on CraigsList, why not "bundle" your hours and services on your website? For example, you can easily bundle "8 hours of email customer service" for a specific price on your website and use a PayPal button for your customers to "buy now" without having to answer a lot of questions.
Once they buy, you can follow up to discuss the project specifics.
It's also worthwhile to add to the discussions on the business forums and show your expertise when you can.
Make sure you answer relevant questions only and ask questions when you have them, too.
Like any forum, active community members are always valued and appreciated.
Don't skimp on your services just because you met your clients via CraigsList, as some people are apt to do.
Remember that quality of your services should always be your top priority.
If you only serve people with good quality in the beginning of your business and you continue to do this over and over again, then your business will grow based on your good reputation and standing.
In your CraigsList ad, even if you are unable to convert your readers into a sale, you can still direct them to your website and stay in contact with them.
Reaching out to more people is a good strategy that can help you make more money in your VA business.
Try to advertise as much as you can on CraigsList - pay attention to when your ad expires and put a new ad up every week, varying the content.
Send the readers to your website and encourage them to sign up to your newsletter - and once they do and you get a hold of their contact information, always send them newsletters about your online business and the new services you are offering and discounts you may be able to give them.
CraigsList is an effective tool for both consumers and businesses, as long as you follow the rules and learn to test the waters slowly but surely.
Find what works for your business, and what doesn't.
And it doesn't work, try, try again.
It's free exposure, and it's free success when you get your first, second, and third client from one of the biggest websites in the world.
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