Landing page : 10 Free tips for creating the best landing page

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A "landing page" is the first webpage a user will encounter after clicking on an online banner or web ad. The role of the landing page is to capture the user's attention and to lead him thorough the sales process. A good landing page will clearly and quickly transfer the advertising message and motivate the user to leave his contact information in the leads form which is located in the landing page.

10 tips for creating a successful landing page:

1. First decide on the most suitable landing page format. The digital field has become more complex than ever. More than 30% of internet users surf smartphone and\or IPad tablet, in addition to their standard home pc. That is why it's important to adjust your landing page format in order to make it fit all types.

2. A landing page should be readable, simple and clear. Do not expect from users to struggle understating the written text, they will simply close the window page.

3. Make sure to focus on only one marketing message in your landing page content. If you'll confuse your users with too many messages, they might blank and not comprehend any of them. Consumers usually absorb only one message from an ad (that's at least what marketers hope); therefore it's better to display one unique message strongly, than to present number of messages weakly.

4. Talking about "one unique message"- it will be much easier for users to relate to a certain message when it expresses a genuine emotional insight.

5. When creating a landing page, you need to remember users will view it only for few seconds before moving on with their browsing. Therefore it's important to grab their attention in the best possible way. Researches show that the most effective approach is to create short title+ short text + photo. Presenting on the page a short problem with a simple solution, ("can't figure out your bank statements? contact our experts!" ) will be very useful. When necessary, add an extra tab where users will find more written information.

6. Combine in your landing page a clear call for action sentence. Be clear about what you want the users to do: leave their details? Purchase now? Etc.

7. Advertising is entertaining and shouldn't be too complex. Avoid too much complexity by staying creative and fun.

8. Studies show that adding a big lead form on the left side of the written text, in the landing page- will bring more results than any other location.

9. If your landing page is intended for publication on Google, combine the user's key words inside the content.

10. Create few different landing pages and optimize between them. After learning which one was the most successful, embrace it and look again what you can improve there as well.

11. Last important tip before we finish: turn to specialists in order to save precious time and money by trying to teach yourself about a complex and ever changing field; you will probably end up taking a course which will cost you a lot.
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