MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review - Automate Text Links

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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review - Automate Text Links
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Every blogger would like to earn money from their blog, if only to pay for its upkeep. There are many ways to do this but one of the simplest is through affiliated product sales related to the theme of your website.

The easiest method of implementation is by providing hyperlinks (text links) in your text to the related affiliate website page. But, there's a problem, linking lots of keywords on a page can be a real time waster and distracts from actually writing your articles. So, is there an easy way of doing this tedious task of inserting text links? Well, luckily there is. There's a one stop solution to automatically convert keywords on your web pages into money-making affiliate text links automatically. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate inserts hyperlinks automatically.

What is the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin?

Have you been searching for a plug-in which allows you to automatically insert text links into the posts and pages of your website and maximize your affiliate earnings without hurting your page rank in the process? This plug-in does just that. You can have ALL your affiliate product text links all in one place.

How the Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Works?

The process is really quite simple when using this plugin:
  • Obtain the hyperlink address (URL), it can be an affiliate hyperlink or not, the choice is yours.
  • Enter the hyperlink along with associated keywords into Ninja Affiliate.

In essence, that's it. The plugin will now automatically generate hyperlinks in your WordPress posts and pages using the keywords you supplied.

Do you realise the power of that simple operation?
  • You only have to enter links on your system once.
  • All your hyperlinks are located in one easily edited central repository.
  • You never have to enter hyperlinks in your text again, Ninja Affiliate will do that automatically whenever the text is viewed.

You're Not a Spammer

One thing you don't want is for your website to look spammy, and too many text links on a page will do just that. So, to prevent this possibility you can specify how many text links the plugin should insert per post/page. You can have from 0 to unlimited. I recommend you stick to no more then 2-3 links per page so you don't look like a spammer..

What I Like About This Plugin

Easy To Use

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin is very easy to use and configure. You don't need any special skills. If you know how to use WordPress that's all you need to know.

Brilliant Time Saver

If you manually add text links in your posts/pages, it takes a lot of time and is almost impossible to do for pages you've already written. Whereas, if you use the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin it's done automatically for you. You just have to set the plugin once and it will do the linking on every post and page, new and old.

All In One Solution.

If you don't use this plugin you have to do a lot of work to add product text links in your posts. You have to:
  • Manually add the new text links to your posts and pages.
  • Hide/mask/cloak the affiliate link.
  • Set up a tracker to count text link clicks, etc.

With the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin all this is done automatically. You just have to set hyperlink and keywords once and its ready to go!

Easy Link Management

Each link can be given a name that's easy to remember and you can sort your links into groups to enable easy management. The plugin accepts all affiliate link formats so you don't have to waste time with other plugins or affiliate tools.

Transform Keywords to Links

Automatically turn keywords to affiliate text links with limits so pages don't look like a spam. This is the best feature of this plugin, automatic keyword linking.

Very Cheap Price!

Want to know how cheap? You'll be very (pleasantly) surprised. Just follow the link...

One Time Investment…

After you buy the plugin, you receive all future upgrades for free and you can install the plugin on all your blogs without further costs.

Cloaking & Masking and Preventing Affiliate Theft

For those of you who already have blogs and use affiliate text links then the Ninja Affiliate plugin is a must. It's the better way to hide your affiliate text links, in other words cloak them. This way when people click on your links they do not look like spam but look like part of your site. With this tactic in place you actually increase the conversion rate. The Ninja Affiliate plugin allows you to cloak your affiliate links so preventing affiliate theft, i.e. no-one can steal your commissions.


This is definitely one of those must buy tools. A must for any serious blogger. Don't be like me and think you don't need it for months. Once installed you'll wonder what you did without it. There's a one stop solution to automatically convert keywords on your web pages into money-making affiliate text links automatically. Get your copy of MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate here.
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