Basketweave Decorating Tips

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Basketweave tips can be smooth or have teeth and be many different sizes. The widest tip is used to ice cakes quickly and efficiently. Although these tips are best kn own for the basket design, they can also be used for simple lines, crosses, and borders with great success. The tips you would look for in the local baking or craft store are 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 1D, 2B, and  789 for icing you cakes. Try different tips to get the texture and look you need for your cake project. Mastering a perfect basketweave will open up many options for cakes because you can fill "baskets" with so many other spectacular items such as gum paste flowers, Easter eggs, berries, other fruit, isomalt jewels, and anything else you can think up. 

1. Lines

These complicated lines are perfect for creating patterned borders, letters, and interesting features on other design elements such as dress hems, patterned bricks on houses, and neat cord fabric. You need to master a steady hand so that the lines are straight and good pressure control for perfectly flat lines. 

2. Criss-Cross

 Once you have straight lines mastered, move onto creating pretty criss-cross patterns on your cakes or cupcakes. This is a simple overlap pattern that can be done using one color or an assortment of hues for a more festive appearance. You can also add thin lines between the basketweave lines with a round tip for a plaid fabric appearance. 

3. Borders

 This stacked border is easy and quick for when you need a finishing cake design element but don't want to fuss with ropes, beads, or shells. All it takes is going back and forth while applying even pressure on the piping bag until the entire border is finished. This rustic look does not have to be perfect to look spectacular. 

4. Traditional Basketweave Design

 A cake decorating piping technique that looks like the woven strands of a basket. Any type of basket can be duplicated from the elegant vertical and horiontal lines of a wicker basket to randomly tangled strands representing a rustic design. Many basket weaves use tip #47 or #48 which are flat tips with "teeth".

5. Combined Basketweave Design

 Once a standard basketweave is a simple decoration to produce, you can start experimenting with different tips to create intricate designs. Using a round tip as the baselines for the basket can be difficult if you have not practiced your straight lines. The width between the baselines needs to be perfect to create the desired pattern and you need to count out the lines so that the last few woven sections fit the way they should. This design is lovely with color or all white. 
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