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Living on your own business and write about what you are passionate about it, is the dream of every blogger. This not an easy task, but it is not impossible.

The curiosity is the first key. To achieve this dream, the founder Michael Arrington devoted years and years to develop a quality platform and easily recognized by users. This is only one of the blogs of successful examples. Already here in Brazil, boo-box can give you tips on how you can get success in this domain, why not, to be a reference in Brazil.
Let's separate the tips to four main pillars that serve to attract audience, they are: content, interactivity, optimization strategies and dissemination channel. Stay tuned!

It is very important to define your contents, you need to have the knowledge in your domain in order to write the text to interest a particular group. This is a way to engage and entice the reader to your site. Works as a client, which will return the store to learn about new trends or goods.

Today the web is one of the largest interactive environment and your blog is in it. You have the knife and cheese on hand, just know how to use. It is very necessary to create a networking or a solid network of relationships for the public.
You have to impress your reader and stir with his opinion. The impact is very important.

Optimization Strategy
Did you know that Google has over 3 billion searches done each day? A number at least impactful. Now discover how you can take advantage of this fact. There are several writing techniques speaking about SEO and make it easy for you, look for them, and learn these techniques of SEO.
These strategies may involve keyword choices, name your blog and influence the production of the text and title...

What is the best form of expansion today better than social networks?
njoy! Use pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others to publicize your blog. Interestingly, every new post, you know it's important to share it on social media. So you disclose your work and encourage people to share what caught their attention.

These are just a few tips and processes that takes time and patience from you to secure your name in the market. If you have any other tips on the subject, tell us and share with your colleagues. Hands-on and good luck!
If you want learn More please visit my site: http://www.como-fazer.org/
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