Article Marketing - Your Resource Box and the 3 Most Common Prospect & Profit-Killing Mistakes

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One of the most important parts of article marketing is your resource box.
Here are three of the most common mistakes made with your resource box.
No links in your resource box
People will actually write a resource box without putting links back to their website in there.
I can't understand it.
I don't know why somebody would do that, but they do.
So there's no way for them to find you, no way for them to get more information from you, because if you've done your job in the article body, they're going to want more from you.
They're going to want more information.
So mistake #1 is no links at all.
Turning it into a virtual ego wall
This is the one I see most often -- people will turn this into a virtual ego wall.
An ego wall, if you're not familiar, is that wall that some of us have in our offices, and it's all your diplomas and all your awards and all the pictures of you and famous people if you're into that kind of thing.
They turn it into a virtual ego wall.
They say, "Sally Smith or Bill Jones graduated with 18 degrees from the highest-priced university.
They've written 27 books and their parents think she's great or he's great.
" Who cares? It's not about you.
Making it longer than your article
Again this sounds ridiculous and outlandish, but I see people do it.
It's related to mistake #2 - they think they've got to put everything in that resource box.
I have actually seen resources boxes that were longer than the article! Now that's a little bit insane, but people do it.
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