Making Your Videos Grab Attention

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Do you have a website that hosts video? Or is it that you want to host your own videos and generate traffic so that you can earn through advertisements or pay-per-click? Whichever is your business format - if you are into video hosting or uploading videos for business then in order to generate traffic and sustain a constant flow, you must ensure that your videos grab attention and make people come back for more.
Not just for pure video hosting sites, you can use videos to promote your product, your website, your online tutorial, your resume - almost everything can be given that special touch if it is presented through videos - 'lights, camera, action!'.
You may be planning to sell a beautiful antique through eBay - what better way to bring the prospective buyer as close as possible to the piece than by sharing a video of it with them.
But the key to effectively use videos to promote your online business is to shoot videos that grab the user's attention, can be streamed easily for users across the world and does not take 'forever' to download.
Here are some tips to make videos interesting and ensure that they grab the attention of your target audience: Frame your video shots well.
Look around and take a stock of your surroundings - how is the background? Does the background suit the mood well? Keep it clean and professional.
Avoid cluttered and busy frames - always remember that people choose the online medium because they do not have time to spare.
So give them what they want.
Do you have enough light around your subject? How are the shadows forming? Are the shadows of surrounding objects covering up your subject? Few simple questions, if taken care of can produce high-quality videos.
Utilize home-made paper or transparent paper around the light slow to give a soft glow to the video if you want.
Check yourself or your subject whichever is on the video before shooting.
You wouldn't want a stray strand of hair poking out of the frame or a speck of dust on your precious antique artifact.
Keep your video interesting - you are in command of a medium where you can engage the user by both sound and visual, so utilize these to the fullest - avoid monotonous narration.
Keep it simple but remember adding some special effects often grab viewer's attention.
Once you have the video with you and you want to promote it, you can follow the usual online marketing strategies employed to promote and advertise websites, blogs and products.
However to promote videos, remember you must use keywords effectively in the description of your video so that it pops up in search engine lists when searched at the top.
Take time to compose the content with keywords but avoid making the keywords appear too closely.
If the keywords are spaced well, chances are search engines will spider the description and place it higher in the search list.
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