Hoodia - What You Need to Know About This Appetite Suppressant to Lose Weight

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What is it? Hoodia is a plant grown in semi-desert areas in Africa, mainly the countries of South Africa and Namibia.
It looks like cactus, but it is really a succulent plant.
It is very difficult to cultivate since it needs specific conditions and a certain period to mature - about five years.
African bushmen used this plant for centuries to suppress appetite and thirst on long hunting trips.
Natives use it in their struggle with starvation.
Europeans discovered it about 1937.
It was eventually adapted, and developed as an effective appetite suppressant.
They are thirteen types of this plant, but there is only one known to suppress appetite.
This is hoodia gordonii.
It became available in 2004 as a weight loss product.
It reduces appetite to fight overweight and obesity.
The main form is an organic capsule or pill.
Other forms of the plant on the market are liquid in juices, powder, teas, even lollipops.
However, many of these are not certified to contain the genuine product.
Researchers found it safe as well as effective unlike other appetite suppressants before it.
As a result, it caused much excitement in the diet world.
Many people have since seen incredible weight loss from using this product.
How does it work? We all know the big problem the overweight and dieters face is the hardship to curb their appetites.
In order to lose weight, above all else, we need to eat less.
So using an effective appetite suppressant plays a key role in our weight loss goals.
Scientists say hoodia gordonii has a special molecule called P57.
This molecule deceives the brain into believing the stomach is full postponing hunger and graving for food.
It is similar to glucose, but more powerful and almost free of calories.
Genuine producers use the core of the plant to make pure hoodia gordonii.
This part of the plant has the active ingredients.
Many products are just extracts, made from other parts of the plant, or mixed with other ingredients.
These products are often cheap but ineffective.
The product that works is usually expensive because it is scarce and hard to find.
How do you buy hoodia gordonii? Hoodia gordonii is a very valuable commodity.
The government in South Africa restricted the quantity exported.
Be careful when you buy this product.
You should look for these points to get the full effect: * The producer uses the core of the plant.
* It is 100% pure hoodia gordonii, not a cheap extract.
* It is in pill or capsule form to get the right dosage.
* It is preferably from South Africa where harvesting conditions are ideal.
* It is tested and awarded the proper certification of authenticity.
Hoodia gordonii is undoubtedly an outstanding product to suppress your appetite--a vital part of your efforts to lose weight and look your best.
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