Healthcare Beats Sick Care

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The body is designed for self-healing and we should only see a doctor as often as a lawyer if we live well and eat right.
Five-year frequency for physicals is OK for most people, including women with pap tests because it takes about 10 years for cervical cancer to become invasive, but it risks medical involvement by MD's who are eager to prescribe and have you return for any little problem.
If you smoke, a chest x-ray every three months is still not able to catch lung cancer early enough to beat 95% of dying in five years.
UCLA's study by Dr.
Lester Breslow showed that simple health habits were good for a 30-year advantage compared to overweight people who smoked, drank and were unhappy.
Exercise, drinking water and breakfast were factors in the study that began in the 1960's but it didn't ask about foods.
With a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, self-care has huge advantages over medical care...
Medical care has become a leading cause of illness, disability and death due to adverse drug reactions, but we don't hear about it because the drug companies sponsor the news.
We like drugs because they help our symptoms or keep our cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar in a normal range.
But drugs do not address the underlying cause and data shows marginal benefit but drug companies have clever ways of exaggerating benefit while minimzing risk.
"Headache, diarrhea or abdominal pain" leave no clue as to the 120 other side effects that are listed in the Physician's Desk Reference for a purple pill.
This is typical of many drugs.
After taking a prescription for a few weeks or months, maybe years, if you get a headache, and (high-cost) tests show no tumor, you are given a second prescription for the headache.
But you really needed one less.
Covering the symptoms of drug toxicity with another drug is dangerous.
Sir William Osler, the father of modern medicine said, "Far too large a section of the treatment of disease is today controlled by the big manufacturing pharmacists, who have enslaved us in a plausible pseudo-science...
We take into our bodies which we know little about, drugs that we know less about, to treat diseases that we know nothing about.
" Osler echoes what Hippocrates said, "Nature cures, not the physician...
Let your food be your medicine.
" Pritikin showed it works by reversing heart disease, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes in about 85% of cases 30 years ago, but medical greed prevented media coverage and wide acceptance.
We're doing the same thing today, calling drugs "healthcare" and wanting to make it available to everyone.
In a debate, the one who defines the terms wins.
The drug companies are defining medical care as "healthcare" and want it available to everyone.
It's time to be wise.
What we put into our mouth takes us from 6 or 8 pounds (normal at birth) to 160 or 280 in 30-60 years.
If we have a problem, we did it to ourselves and we can reverse it.
It's our choice and we should bear the cost and responsibility by ourselves.
Why should I be taxed to pay the "healthcre" hospital bill for a smoker who made those choices repeatedly in spite of warnings? The same principle applies to most disease and is different than accidents, most of which are caused by alcohol, tranquilizers or cell phones.
Careful investigation could allow the cost of care to be paid by the party responsible for the accident.
The bottom line is that we can take care of ourselves.
The internet offers good information in most medical areas with an exception in regard to food allergy/chemical addiction syndrome.
When we become allergic to a food or chemical, we build a tolerance to it so that we do not become sick when we eat it, much like a smoker who does not get sick when he smokes--he gets sick when he doesn't smoke as he starts to withdraw from an addiction.
People do not sense this with foods they eat every day, but they experience symptoms as they go in or out of their tolerance to a food or chemical (like caffeine) based on how much they get, how often and how much exercise, sleep, stress, fresh air and water they get.
All these play a role in this problem which overlooked and not understood by most doctors.
Doctors give names to conditions that people have and this covers up their ignorance of the cause.
If your doctors cannot tell you the cause of a problem you did not have at birth, consider tapering off drugs and chemicals and adopting a brown rice diet with fruits or veggies that you rarely eat (they wouldn't be causing your symptoms) and see how you are in 5-10 days.
Lorraine Day who cured herself of metastatic breast cancer says, "Don't read labels...
don't buy foods with labels"--they are loaded with chemicals.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do a minimum of cooking and expect to be worse for several days during withdrawal, but better in 5-10 days.
Then trry to find the offending food by adding your favorite foods back one each day, noticing when you get your symptoms back.
Skin or blood testing for food allergies is 80% unreliable.
America is paying trillions for "healthcare" that doesn't discover the true causes.
Our government paid tobacco growers for crops, funded drug companies to do research and Obamacare will penalize those who don't want "healthcare" that mean drugs and vaccinations for all.
We are a nation of sheep going to the slaughter unless we discover the truth and take the responsibility for ourselves.
This lesson applies to life.
If we take responsibility for ourselves and are careful in our diet, we don't need BIG government with symptomatic drugs telling us what to do.
If we do the same with our minds (quit the junk-food mentality of TV crime, sex, violence and controlled news), we will have fewer frustrations to vent and can control our anger or worry no need of drugs.
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