How Everyday Objects are Being Replaced with Technological Advancements

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Technology is continuously improving and we are constantly replacing normal everyday objects with technological advancements. Older generations sometimes find it hard to keep up with such developments however children are in the best place ever to learn and grow with new technology.

Schools and learning environments are fitted out with items such as the interactive whiteboard, which is multifunctional in many ways. Presentations are delivered to children in numerous ways using graphics, videos, sound, words and other visuals. State of the art whiteboards with pen and touch screen technology are designed to engage and interact with groups of children to enhance their learning experience. An interactive whiteboard more than replaces a blackboard and chalk or paper and pen.

Transport is another area greatly affected in a positive matter by technology. Our cars are now fitted with onboard computer systems that are programmed to operate every part of the vehicle's functionality. The engine management systems being fitted to vehicles are highly sophisticated and have played their part in helping to make vehicles safer to drive as well as more efficient overall. Auto technicians now replace mechanics and high tech computer systems are able to accurately diagnose faults for swift service and repairs.

Another aspect closely related to transport that has been changed forever with technology is the humble road map. This has been replaced by the satellite navigation system. A small screen usually plugged into the old cigarette lighter (12v output) is capable of directing the driver step by step to their destination of choice. It could not be easier to get from one place to another; this handy device replaces hundreds of road maps. We are now at the point where the satellite navigation is built into the car or we can use the one on our smart phone which is another major technological advancement in itself.

A recent new development comes in the form of a kindle which is an extremely small, thin electronic book. You purchase the initial kindle and then purchase and download a book; this device is capable of holding hundreds of books. The amount of space and paper saved in this manner is phenomenal. We hope books are never completely replaced; however the functionality of a kindle is a great technological advancement. One example of this is when travelling or on holiday, think about how convenient it is to replace large, cumbersome books with a small, thin, lightweight and easy to read screen containing many different reading literatures.
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