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A marketing project is the same and digital outside signage is no different, without a call to action the campaign will fall flat on its face, but delivering a call to action is simpler than you think.
There are numerous ways to call probable shoppers to action, this can range from someone sending a text message to get additional data or natives calling a number for special offers, now learn how dynamic outdoor marketing is using this to aim at customers demographically.
The situation.
Imagine you are waiting in line at a family cafe and you are watching the dynamic menu board showing the tempting menu and special promotions while you wait, then you take in an advert that says "save 25% on your next meal", text 0123 for discount ticket, so you send a text to the number listed and you collect a message back with a code to quote for a 26% price cut off your total bill.
Then a couple of days later, you are transferred a survey and if you complete it you get an extra 15% off your next eateries visit, in this assessment there are questions regarding your family, do you have children, how old, this way the proprietors of the outlet can target partners and families alike and advertise romantic nights for just mum and dad or a family delight.
This is perfect as the couple going out for a romantic evening do not want to be sat next to the family from hell who have the little ones of the devil.
This makes for a much more enjoyable incident for everyone and builds loyalty.
I myself received a message using this same solution, but it told me a complimentary bottle of Cava was waiting for me on my birthday, so sure enough I was at that eateries on my birthday.
Another situation.
You have left home late and skipped breakfast (who hasn't) and you have just finished your first meeting of the day and are walking to your car that is on the car park.
On the way to the car park you are walking through the mall and you accept a text, you check your mobile phone and see that you have just received a message that says, "Hungry? Free coffee with every bacon roll ordered, call at Fred's Coffee Hut" and has a code following it.
So you go to the coffee hut and give the code and get your much skipped breakfast and a free coffee.
The call to action was the incentive of the free coffee; this is prepared throughout the day with electronic menu boards advertising early diner promotions, other promotions could include buy 2 meals and only pay for 1, the call for action is colossal and is only controlled by your own head.
The chief thing to remember is that as an advocate you have to act together and engage with the budding customers and by having a trade-off by giving a free drink you can and will increase earnings by lifting sales.
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