The Evolution of Cooking in History

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Sometimes we question how and when did it all start.
However answers to these questions are vague and no specific evidence can point out the origin of cooking.
It has been traced back to prehistoric times though with the discovery of fire.
Theories and speculations have proposed that fire was discovered unintentionally by our ancestors about a million years ago.
Fire was created by a strange natural occurrence and fascinated our ancestors.
It was then that they recognize fire.
During the early part of discovering fire, it was not used for cooking.
They would eat raw meat and the fire was worshipped and appreciated because of the heat it was giving.
Then accidentally, fire was recognized for cooking when our ancestors realized that the food tastes better if it is being cooked.
Aside from fire, planting and gathering ingredients are part of cooking.
In around 9000BC, people in the Middle East started domesticating sheep and plants.
Egyptians who build the Great Pyramid around 4000BC always include spices such as onions and garlic as well as radish in their food.
From that time, what happened after are the following significant events: - Pasta was then introduced to Italy in 400AD.
- The first Thanksgiving Day, a celebration during a harvest festival by the Pilgrims of Plymouth, was observed in 1621.
While the first American cookbook was published in 1742 entitled "The complete Housewife" by author Eliza Smith.
- In 1789 the term dessert was first acknowledged when George Washington started loving ice-cream from a party.
In September 26, 1830, Col.
Robert Gibsson Johnson dispels the common misconception that tomatoes are poisonous.
- Agoston Haraszthy also known as "Father of California Viticulture" started planting grapes in Wisconsin in 1850.
- New Beer's Eve celebration was started in April of 1933.
- Thirty years later, "the French Chef" series by Julia Child aired in public television station in Boston and later nationally.
The events mentioned above are among the few most recognized pigment or timeline of cooking evolution.
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