12 Inner Tips to Stay on Course to Increase Web Traffic

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Here are 12 inner tips that I believe are key to remaining focused - and relaxed about - your quest for increased web traffic.
You CAN do it: Successful web traffic entrepreneurs aren't born with the skills they need.
They are shaped by all the influences that count - ambition, role models, the support they are given.
And online success can be achieved by anyone, provided they have the motivation and drive and can visualise the end goal - high quality visitor traffic - clearly enough.
Sally is a full time Mom who had, let's say, a seriously deprived upbringing.
Yet against all odds she has built a thriving niche online business that has transformed her and her childrens' lives.
The vision thing: You need a vision.
That vision of visitor traffic is what you cling to, for dear life, when a particular project or program is proving particularly difficult.
Your vision describes the landscape you navigate.
It's bold, it's optimistic, it may even - in a small way - be pioneering.
Daydreams of those Clickbank sales, or PayPal receipts - bring them on! 3.
Really understand your visitors: Unless you can inspire others to buy into your vision you can't succeed.
You won't inspire visitors to visit your website if you shout at them.
You have to understand their needs and aspirations.
"Sell the sizzle, not the steak" is the old saying, and it's true.
After a seminar Bill told me, "I've learned that I have to LOVE my customers, just love 'em!" 4.
The "Why" question: It's impossible to decide how to do something effectively unless you can get to the heart of why you're doing it.
WHY do you want those visitor numbers? Become fully alive to the income that you can spend, that you can share, that you can enjoy.
I've never forgotten the impact of being told by a towering figure in the web traffic industry, "You've got to develop a completely different approach to money if you're committed to success on the web.
There is SO MUCH to be made.
" 5.
Set Realistic Goals: A consistent and single-minded approach to reaching short-term goals is often a more reliable way of achieving long term success than aiming for a one-off "big hit".
In other words, make your goal to just do everything a little better every time.
The improvement is the goal.
The visitor traffic (and subsequent sales) is simply the reward for achieving that goal.
Listen To What Is Being Said: on forums, in emails, on message boards.
That's where the buzz is.
That's where you can gain further insights into where your potential visitors are.
Don't Be Afraid To Switch Off: You NEED periods of rest to allow new information to bed down, and fresh ideas and perspectives to surface.
There are numerous examples of people making new discoveries when they were relaxing or taking a break from the very thing they had been focussing on.
Live A Balanced Life: You know, focusing on one thing at the expense of all others will result in a loss of balance.
It's possible to become so absorbed in a task that the overall life balance is forfeit.
Web marketing, if taken to extremes, can have a detrimental effect on personal well being and relationships as well.
Your marriage matters.
Your children matter.
YOU matter.
Expect The Unexpected: In every scenario it is wise to assume that the unexpected will happen.
Human error tends to be the norm.
Successful web entrepreneurs try to anticipate crises in advance of them occurring.
Everyone thought Shayla was obsessive with her company's double fall back data security.
Come the last ice storm in the north east, she was the only supplier doing business the next day.
Losing Is Not The Same As Failing: Losing once does not mean you haven't enough talent to succeed in future - it's simply an opportunity to learn, to expand your understanding of the task and find out what improvements have to be made in order to win next time.
In the beginning, growing a list can seem so daunting, visitor traffic so elusive.
There will be wrong turns and false starts.
You get up, dust yourself down, and move on.
Never Say Never: Use other people's disbelief as a motivating challenge when faced with tough challenges.
The hardest thing, perhaps, is when your spouse or close partner doubts your ability to make a serious income via web marketing.
Jenni found Mike's pessimistic put downs almost unbearable as she strove to build her online business.
"I was determined that I would be able to show him a check," she told me.
Well, Bill lost his job at the car plant.
Jenni's visitor traffic provides their income now! 12.
Yes You Can: Success is not some kind of exclusive club where you can simply pay your membership dues, sit back and let life's rewards come to you.
The nature of success is entirely determined by the individual.
Once you've decided what you want to achieve, commit yourself fully.
There are no half measures.
As the advertisement said, "Just Do It!" Good luck!
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