My Dream, My World Cup, My Favourite Sweets

Aside from the Olympics, I am a big fan of the World Cup; and of all the events I am particularly interested in FIFA World Cup. Being a football player myself since I was young I grew up watching all the FIFA events on TV while enjoying some retro sweets. Nothing beats the excitement watching my fav

Courses offered in engineering universities

Looking for a reputed university that meets all your requirements? You are at right place. Find all the details about the Engineering universities, course offered by them and career scopes.

How to Determine the Right Size Bike

People often overlook the importance of riding a bicycle that fits. As Joe Lindsey, a writer for Bicycling Magazine, points out, there is no one size fits all method in the bicycle world. Just because the sticker on the frame says the bike fits people between 5"-1" and 5"-4" does not mean it will de

General Poker Tips

Keep player notes on opponents We cannot stress this enough. While you always want to pay attention to how people are playing, online poker players are always coming and going, which doesn't give you, time ...

How to Play Combat Swords

Sword fighting has been practiced for centuries. Nowadays though, you are more likely to see sword fighting practiced as a sport or a hobby rather than as a means of self-defense. There are many different games that can be played with swords or with sword-like objects (sticks, foam swords and pool n